Linux Foundation Europe Announces Formation of OpenWallet Foundation

Linux Foundation Europe, an independent trusted supporter and vendor-neutral home for open-source projects in Europe, today announced the official formation of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF). This new, collaborative effort will develop open source software to support interoperability for a wide range of wallet use cases, including making payments, proving identity, storing validated credentials such as employment, education, financial standing, and entitlements — to enable trust in the digital future.

esatus is among the diverse ecosystem of global technology, finance and university leaders to join as first OpenWallet Foundation members, many more are being expected.

The OWF will not publish a wallet itself, nor offer credentials or create new standards. Instead, its open-source software engine aims to become the core that other organizations and companies leverage to develop their own digital wallets. The wallets will seek feature parity with the best available wallets and interoperability with major cross-border projects such as the EU’s Digital Identity Wallet.

“As a founding member of the Open Wallet Foundation, esatus will be happy to contribute its long-term research and expertise in designing open-stack wallet technology. The collaboration of the global Open Source community will be a strong driver for the development and practical application of interoperable, secure wallets for credential exchange across all industries,” said Dr. André Kudra, CIO and board member of esatus AG.

Read the full press release here.