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Precision, freedom, authenticity, team spirit: these are the values that define us

Expertise and passion combined

We are an IT service provider with more than 35 years’ experience. Not a hip start-up, but a company with a strong heritage, a passion for ensuring data privacy and with lots of SSI running  through our veins.

We have the best-in-class expertise when it comes to digital identities. From regulation  to code – we always keep up with the latest developments and develop sustainable E-ID solutions with added value. 

Three locations, two companies

Our roots are in Langen near Frankfurt, where the bulk of our teams meet not only for work, but also for various leisure activities. esatus has another office in Hamburg, with some of our customers close by.

For the same reason we opened esatus Schweiz AG in Lucerne at the beginning of 2023. Being close to our customers is equally important to us as creating a perfect working environment for our team through flexibility.

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It’s the people that matter!

As a provider of development services, we know that the success of our company is inextricably linked with our team members. We are proud of our team of 56 experts who form the backbone of esatus with their professional skills, their curiosity, and their passion for technology.

Their dedication makes us a reliable partner who relentlessly strives to digitalize all processes for the management of identity data, without violating privacy and personal rights.

Together with our partners we develop solutions that work

A Board of Directors, where the handshake counts

Precision, authenticity, freedom, and team sprit are values which are preached in many businesses. At esatus they are filled with life. Because our Board Members, through their good example, demonstrate that our values are more than words. 

It’s the small things that make a difference. It’s about truly caring for our staff, about striving for improving the workplace and the well-being. It is the personal commitment to our customers, as part of a team, not only as a bystander from the sidelines.

Our board members will be happy to help you!

Jürgen Eichhöfer

CEO: Jürgen Eichhöfer

Our founder, who has been an entrepreneur in software development since 1988, has a particular long-standing expertise.

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Dr. André Kudra

CIO: Dr. André Kudra

Our expert for digital identities. Thanks to his profound professional education he acts as a mediator between technology and business economics.

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Carsten Eichhöfer

CFO: Carsten Eichhöfer

As business consultant and specialist for cyber security he has expert knowledge in the areas of restructuring and performance.

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Sebastian Weidenbach

CTO: Sebastian Weidenbach

He has overseen IT projects for more than 10 years and still likes to do his own programming. A rare and valuable expert skill at board level.

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