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Efficient digitalization of identification processes with SOWL

“It’s me, I’m here and rightfully so”

Whether it's about access control, rights management, or sales processes - wherever legally secure proof is required, digital identities are being used.

SOWL allows for a step-by-step digitalization and decentralization for identification processes which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape.

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Digital Identities: User-friendly - secure – cost saving

Increased efficiency

Manual steps are reduced, leading to time saving and higher productivity.


Digital registration allows to access all relevant data any time. Legally compliant tracing becomes possible.

Error minimization

Through clearly defined rules and automatic validation, errors are minimized, and data accuracy is increased.


Digital processes are scalable and can easily be adapted to the growing requirements of the company.

SOWL digitalizes your identity management

Digital Identities, E-ID, SSI, EU wallet, hyperledger…
A lot of technical terms, various technologies and a jungle of regulations and laws.

This is why we developed SOWL. Our solution to implement digital identity management in any organization.

SOWL Grafik

Step by step with SOWL

SOWL Advice

With presentations and training courses, we offer orientation in the complex and innovative sector of digital identities.

SOWL Concept

Based on potential and needs analysis, we design the processes and provide support from market entry to profit optimization.

SOWL Implement

Based on the modules SOWL wallet for users and SOWL suite for administrators we develop tailor-made individual solutions.

SOWL Maintenance

We accompany you on a long-term basis and ensure the smooth operation of the solutions to be implemented.

Digital staff management at construction sites

Compliance checks at construction sites can take up to 12 minutes per worker, and can cause substantial costs. Incomplete documents will lead to further delays. Violations can result in fines of up to 500,000 Euros.

Our digital solution inGo, developed in cooperation with Lindner Group and basing on SOWL, resolves all these issues. With inGo, all checks can be done  easily, fast, and secure in a digital process, avoiding delays and paper chaos and  eliminating the risk of fines. 

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Sinah Gotthardt

Sinah Gotthardt

Acting as an interface to our experts, she coordinates and manages our sales activities. She is always your first point of contact.

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Dr. André Kudra

Dr. André Kudra

Our expert for digital identities will be happy to advise you on how to digitalize and decentralize your identification processes.

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