André Kudra auf einer Bühne

Always at the cutting edge in terms of digital identities

Pioneer in 2015, sought-after experts today

For years we have been passionately advocating the secure use and management of digital identities. We are convinced that they constitute the foundations for an innovative and secure digital future.

As an active co-creator of regulations and standards for decentral identity management in various GOs, NGOs and trade associations, we have gained vast experience which we expand continuously.

Organizations which we actively support

With us you are always at the leading edge

Creating standards: achieve interoperability. Frankly, standards are not really a thrilling subject. But they serve as the foundations for a uniform and interoperable usability of digital identities, thereby leading to increased efficiency, cost-saving and enhanced security.

We are proud to contribute to the development of legal, organizational and technical standards in various committees. 
Standardization bodies may have cryptic names such as CEN-WG1 – Decentral Identity Management at EU level, ISO/TC307-WG1, ISO/TC307-JWG4 as well as ISO/TC307-WG5 and WG6.
Do you have to know all these? 
No – because we know them for you.

MyData Award

Expertise that makes you want to listen

Dr. André Kudra is not only an expert for digital identities, but also a mediator between  technology and business economics. As an IT professional with financial expertise and as business economist with a technical background, he is fluent in both languages. 

His passion for an innovative and secure digital future shines through when he is presenting on stage. With his ease in breaking down complex issues such as digital identities to the appropriate level, he can hold his audience spellbound.

André Kudra beim Präsentieren