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Offering freedom, looking for precision

Authentic with real team spirit

We are proud to offer more than the usual benefits: a work environment where authenticity is a real value. At esatus it’s not only about the newest technology or the most attractive extra benefits, but above all about a culture of mutual trust and integrity.

We consciously place an emphasis on personal relations and reliable agreements. A handshake means more to us than a symbolic act – he stands for our commitment to treat our staff, our customers and our partners with honesty, reliability, and responsibility.

Use your growing German skills to explore job opportunities!

We're focused on serving German-speaking customers, so strong German language skills are key to joining our team. That's why we've decided to offer our job opportunities exclusively in German.

However, this doesn't mean that German has to be your first language, nor does it mean that your German has to be impeccable right from the start. So don't hesitate to apply even if you are still working on improving your German. We'll be happy to help you along the way. 

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