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Self-Sovereign Identity Technology for Login and Access Management.
Connect your existing IT now! Without any development effort.

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SeLF is now _SOWL

Rebranded with a novel name, the all-in-one SSI enterprise suite
is ready for the next round.
For data privacy. For self-sovereign control. For energy efficiency.


Start using innovative SSI technology today!

Start using modern SSI technology and give users complete control back over their own identity!

  • decentralized
  • being in full control (individual control and approval of data)
  • secure and authentic
  • data-privacy and compliant with GDPR
    (all personal data is stored in the wallet app on the smartphone of the user)
  • economical (resource-efficient and without the use of traditional blockchain technology)

Functions and characteristics

  • Uses Hyperledger Aries and Hyperledger Indy open source technology from the Linux Foundation
  • Supports all Hyperledger Indy DLT networks, such as, e.g., Sovrin and IDunion
  • Supports compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR, ISO 2700x standards or MaRISK/BAIT
  • Accelerates enterprise digitalization through cross-application integration of trusted credentials (Trusted data transfer without prior interface agreement)
  • Stores required backend data in a modern and fast Neo4J graph database
  • Provides an extensive REST API
  • Technologically completely modular and containerized
  • Multilingual and multitenant


Product variations


Connect and display

on request

per user and month

Template-based credential issue

Credential revocation

Create, import and manage schemas and credential definitions

Manage identities




Connect and check

on request

per user and month

Request and review proofs based on templates or rules

Zero-knowledge proofs for number and date formats

Check for validation, integrity, content and issuer


Issue, verify and SSO

on request

per user and month

contains SOWL_ISSUE

contains SOWL_VERIFY

Application and access management

SSI authentication (SSO) via SAML, OAuth2, OpenID Connect and Windows Credential Manager

Access Sync to LDAP, Active Directory, AzureAD, SCIM and per JDBC


All-in-One for Enterprise

on request

contains SOWL_ACCESS

Own deployment via Kubernetes (AWS EKS, Google GKE, Azure AKS), OpenShift, AWS ECS or on-premises

Product demo

Wallet App

Together with _SOWL use our esatus Wallet App, available for free in Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore
or any other Hyperledger Aries compatible wallet app.


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