Protecting Critical Data Infrastructures

The recent power outages in Texas show what happens if critical infrastructure systems are not robust enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The massive increase of infrastructure digitalization also harbours a growing risk of incidents with equally devastating consequences: hacking threats, compromise in data confidentiality and/or integrity and availability.

In an open session at the MyData Global 2020 online conference,Dr. André Kudra, co-hosted by Manuel Atug and Christian Schülke discussed the impact of such incidents and how they might be prevented. Manuel Atug is founder and speaker for the independent German working group AG KRITIS. In line with the MyData conference motto “Radical collaboration for designing the new normal” AG KRITIS joins people from different backgrounds and organizations, under its mission of raising awareness for the vulnerability of our systems and for protecting critical infrastructures.

You can read the full session notes here.

For more information on AG KRITIS click here.