Webinar on 21.10. on European Cyber Security Month 2020: Identity in 2040

Review on our Webinar of Oct. 21 “Identity in 2040″. Click here to access the presentation and audio recording.

In this year we would like to present our webinar “Identity in 2040 – Four Scenarios of the Future” during the European Cyber Security Month.

The world is changing. It always is. But at the moment it is more clearly perceptible and visible than ever. 

The change is strongly driven by the digital: digitalization is omnipresent. We are at the beginning of a completely changing IT world that offers seemingly limitless possibilities. We should always actively ask ourselves what we should do right – and what we should not do.

Key success factor for a people-friendly digitalization is our identity – our digital identity. But our digital identity is also one of the most difficult problems in the networked world.

Reliable and at the same time privacy-preserving identification of persons, organizations, devices, machines and digital services is a „must“ in order to be able to clearly assign actions and digitally map trust.

But reality looks different. Every online service forces us to create a new, additional digital identity. Dealing with numerous accounts and passwords is a constant battle for us that we can hardly win.

In addition, this type of digital identity can be withdrawn from us at any time or the underlying rules can be changed.  Furthermore, every service collects data about us, often with unknown purpose, always for its own benefit.

We find ourselves in a veritable jungle of digital identities and are losing track of them more and more every day. A chaos from which we try to find a way out – because our identity is a valuable asset that needs to be protected. 

A team of specialists for digital identity at esatus AG has immersed itself in the digital change and has ventured a look into the year 2040. With the current IT trends in mind, four independent future scenarios have been developed, which are presented in this webinar.

At the end of the webinar esatus Wallet will be introduced, a digital wallet with the aim of returning the identity to its rightful owner.