“Secure Platform” – Digital sovereignty as motivation for a secure IT ecosystem in Germany and Europe

With this position paper of the TeleTrusT working group “Secure Platform”, which is led by our CIO, Dr. André Kudra, recommendations for taking action to regain digital sovereignty are defined. One concrete wish is to return technology production and supply chains to a European level.

Dr. André Kudra on the topic: “Digital sovereignty is largely non-existent in IT today. Supply chains are dominated by the Far East and the USA. In addition, current IT systems are complex, difficult to penetrate structures. Weak points and back doors can exist at any level, and they represent a significant risk. The protection goals of confidentiality, integrity and availability often cannot be fulfilled reliably and sustainably.”

The recommendations for action in this first paper are addressed to the relevant actors in politics and business as well as manufacturers of IT and IT security products. In the next working phase of the TeleTrusT working group, architectural recommendations for a “Secure Platform” will be developed. The perspective goal is the conceptual and prototypical implementation of an open and secure IT platform alternative in Germany and Europe. This initiative is the starting point for a counterweight to market-dominating international hardware and software manufacturers.

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