Job Fair Fulda

On 11/01/2016, the Fulda job fair was held, which was organized by the Fulda University of Applied Sciences – regional location marketing and the Engineering-High-Tech-Cluster Fulda e. V.

The event was a complete success for esatus AG. Around 100 computer science students showed interest and were eager to get to know esatus AG and enquired about career opportunities. In order to highlight some of the issues regarding Information Security, a C64 console was built up. Visitors could check their personal passwords and see how secure they are. Participants with a very secure password qualified themselves for a dinner with our CIO Dr. André Kudra. Ten lucky students got picked and won the exclusive opportunity to learn more about the topics of information security, consulting services and future trends like Blockchain.

We thank the organizers for the successful event and great support. We are looking forward for the job fair next year.