6. MyData Conference
31.05. – 1.06.2023, Helsinki

One of the most impactful leading international conferences on human-centric personal data management, MyData 2023, will again be taking place in Helsinki. It is organized by MyData Global, an award-winning international nonprofit organization, of which esatus is a member. For several years in a row, esatus has been awarded with the “MyData Operator Award” for its product esatus _SOWL.

Dr. André Kudra will be a speaker at the session Mapping of eIDAS 2.0 and the Trust Over IP model, and A Deep Dive into Global DiDs. André will talk about one of his fields of expertise, the verifiable digital credentials. In 2022, several standard development organizations and open-source groups made great progress defining protocol specifications and code for the issuance of digital credentials. André will be comparing features, capabilities and tradeoffs of these emerging formats and issuance protocols.

1 June, 13:30 – 15:00