Digital Sovereignty and Secure Platform – for a secure, sustainable, and open IT ecosystem in Europe

With the steady acceleration of digitalization, information technology has become an indispensable driver of societal well-being and is now omnipresent both at home and in the workplace. Digital sovereignty is a key factor for a successful digital transformation and plays a crucial role for Europe’s competitiveness, especially in Industry 4.0, critical infrastructures, or GAIA-X and 5G. Not surprising that digital sovereignty gets high attention in politics, economy, research, and society. We are still a long way from digital sovereignty:

  • Strong dependency on external production and supply of technology
  • Complex and inconsistent systems
  • Sustainable IT security is not a decisive criterion for design and purchase of products

This presentation was held by Dr. André Kudra during the  FPGA conference in July 2021. It concludes with a call to action for everyone interested in advancing digital sovereignty in Europe and can be read here.