IT Security guarantees your information security from a technical perspective

esatus AG represents a holistic approach to IT security: The security of any IT system depends significantly on the secure design of each individual component that constitutes the overall system. Current IT systems are multi-layered structures of hardware and software, whose complexity is often difficult to understand even for experts. For example, the following interlinked levels must be taken into account:
  • Applications
  • Operating systems
  • Computer system as an aggregate (end devices, server, cloud)
  • Processor technology / chip architectures
  • Network technology
  • Interface technology / bus systems
  • Memory
Vulnerabilities that represent attack vectors or hidden “back doors” that the manufacturer has consciously or unconsciously integrated can exist at practically any level of the IT system, including in the hardware, i.e. the integrated chips. Consequently, the actual security of a system can often not be reliably assessed – especially not by a layperson or an average IT-affine end user. In the operational environment, this represents a significant risk, since sensitive information can be compromised with regard to the classic protection goals of confidentiality, integrity and availability. The basic requirement for the implementation of an effective IT security concept is the knowledge of where there is a need for optimization: Initial security assessments, if necessary, including pentests, carried out by experienced security analysts, form the cornerstone of a project. Based on this, esatus AG designs for and together with its customers tailor-made IT security solutions considering all relevant levels and integrates them into already existing landscapes.

Project References

An overview of some project references related to IT Security.
Definition and implementation of a comprehensive IT and security concept for a future-proof state of the art IT infrastructure (cloud vs. on premise). Industry – Real Estate Employees – > 25

Process modelling and monitoring of the introduction of patch and vulnerability management as well as the preparation of the corresponding group guidelines.

Industry – Transport and logistics Employees – > 300.000

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