MyData 2020

From 10 to 12 December 2020 the MyData Online Conference 2020 took place for the first time as a virtual event. The international community of IT professionals and digital enthusiasts gathered under the motto “Radical Collaboration for designing the new normal”. Thanks to excellent organization, there were lively exchanges via chat and live discussions during the plenary sessions, lectures and in the breakout rooms, almost like at a “real” meeting. A big thank you to MyData for hosting the conference.

Our highlight takeaways from the conference programme:

esatus presented practical application examples for Self-Sovereign Identity in the presentation „SSI in action – Real world use cases“ Future use cases for this technology were discussed by the participants in two breakout sessions.

The session “Making Data Literacy Happen!” looked at what is needed for acquiring data literacy. Participants agreed to set up a new thematic group within MyData, to regularly exchange ideas and to formulate concrete, practically implementable recommendations, to help people of all ages to acquire data literacy.

According to Dr André Kudra, who has long been supporting this topic, basic knowledge of IT is a prerequisite for becoming data literate. “It is time to demystify IT. Everything is numbers and switches, the rest is context. Programming is just logic expressed in a different language. And it has never been easier than today to acquire programming skills.”