Quick and easy deployment of applications & services with DevOps

Software development and infrastructure management projects are often very complex. This is especially applicable in the area of information security, where teams from a wide variety of business areas work together to meet the diverse requirements of IT, compliance and organizational structures as well as the needs of end users.

esatus AG is a convinced user of the DevOps model. We see it as a modern strategy for an efficient and effective – and therefore goal-oriented – collaboration that meets the requirements of our customers.

DevOps – a word creation from the terms development and operations – describes the approach of the collaborative merging of the areas development, IT operations and quality assurance using special processes, tools and incentives. The goal is that the team members from Development and IT Operations no longer work isolated from each other, but rather ensure a fast and reliable application life cycle through integrated and coordinated project work.

As an IT operator in projects, esatus AG focuses on the seamless flow of the DevOps loop:


In addition, the use of agile methods enables us to get involved at an early stage of development, for example when new functionalities / changes in the application are required. This type of communication and deployment on pre-live / UAT environments (UAT – User Acceptance Testing) enables us to operate productive environments more effectively.

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