esatus SSI Wallet App now available for iOS and Android!

With the new esatus Wallet App everybody is now able to use new Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology. esatus Wallet can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore, allowing anyone to conveniently and securely control their own identity and to selectively disclose identity data, such as an an employee ID, bank account details or eventually even a driver’s license. Every user has full control over the data they want to disclose and to whom to disclose it to, equipping this procedure with a maximum of privacy.

The esatus Wallet App was derived from the app “Lissi”, which emerged from the Lissi joint project managed by Main Incubator. In addition to esatus, Commerzbank, comdirect, Commerz Real, Authada, Bundesdruckerei, Creditreform, Boniversum, Deutsche Bahn, Hasso-Plattner-Institut and ING contributed as project partners. Together with the solid Lissi basis esatus added functionality that was needed for comfortable authorization and authentication management. The esatus Wallet App now acts as the ideal counterpart to the credential-based identity & access solution esatus SeLF.

 These important improvements include:

  • automatic credential pre-selection
  • full support of revocable credentials
  • comfort functions to facilitate interaction with incoming notifications

We are proud to present our work to the community and to provide a contribution to Self-Sovereign Identity.