esatus AG provides employees with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Login without password

We are continuously working on SSI technologies. The first product is SeLF, which enables future-oriented SSI functionality to be brought into existing systems in the corporate context: SeLF enables comfortable, fast and secure login – without username and password. The Sovrin network is used as the underlying technology and necessary blockchain-based trust network. It combines worldwide distribution (over 70 stewards worldwide) and completely transparent governance and thus has an exceptional position. As the next logical step, esatus AG has now also deployed its own product for the first time under real conditions – initially for all of its own employees with one selected IT system.

The potential of self-sovereign digital identities has been recognized by a lot of people, but productive use cases are still very rare. It is therefore a unique achievment now, possibly even for the first time in Europe, that an organisation can control application authorisations with decentralised and user-managed identity data.

In addition to the trust network and SeLF technology, a smartphone app, the user’s digital wallet, is also a necessary component for the rollout. In addition to esatus, the following partners from the Lissi Joint Project – managed by the Main Incubator – were also involved in the project: Commerzbank, comdirect, Commerz Real, Authada, Bundesdruckerei, Creditreform, Boniversum, Deutsche Bahn, Hasso-Plattner-Institut and ING – the app was developed further for the purposes of SeLF. The app, which is designed for authorization management and frequent interaction, will be available as esatus Wallet free of charge in the Apple and Google App Stores within the next few days.

The rollout was a complete success. A short video of the rollout offers some insights.