EBS Alumni Insights: Data Privacy & EU GDPR

On February 21st 2018, interested exEBS members gathered in Hamburg to exchange views on current and upcoming data protection requirements. The event was hosted by the former EBS students Dr. André Kudra and Carsten Eichhöfer with kind support of esatus AG. In the hospitable environment of the Business Club Hamburg special emphasis was placed on the upcoming requirements and changes resulting from the EU GDPR, which becomes effective on May 25th this year. In addition to theoretical articles, identified or identifiable personal data, a lively debate about experiences and examples was initiated. “As we discussed a rather dry subject, it was important for us to put special emphasis on practical examples and concrete recommendations for action.”, explains Dr. André Kudra. Felix Derkum, exEBS ambassador for Hamburg, reflects, “My key take-away of the evening: Everything is possible, you just have to start doing it.” After the presentation, followed by a lively discussion, the evening was ended with a cozy gathering. “We are pleased to bring the topic closer to former fellow students in this unique atmosphere of an exEBS event, combined with the special ambience and the good catering offered by the Business Club Hamburg”, Carsten Eichhöfer sums up.