esatus AG is now a Sovrin Steward

esatus AG is proud of now being a Sovrin Steward! The Sovrin Foundation is a private-sector, international non-profit that was established to govern the world’s first Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) network. Sovrin’s platform uses a public permissioned ledger to provide a global public utility. This means anyone can use the ledger to manage their own digital identity but the nodes that write and read the ledger must have permission to operate. Operators of nodes – known as “Stewards” – must be approved by the Sovrin Technical Governance Board and Board of Trustees. esatus AG is now a Sovrin Steward over a live node on the Sovrin ledger. This is our way to contribute to self-sovereign digital identity for everyone.

Identity & Access (I&A) is a focus domain of esatus AG. I&A is a key pillar in our customer value chain, and the esatus consulting team has many years of experience in this field. New technologies like distributed ledgers – Blockchain being one of those – have revolutionary potential and can also be a game changer for I&A. As vital part of its innovation management, esatus AG has embraced distributed ledger technologies and their application to I&A early on. Sovrin’s rock-solid identity ledger, convincing organizational setup and strive for diversity and sustainability is the perfect match for esatus AG. Holding an official role in the Sovrin community is a great achievement for esatus AG. We are proudly carrying out the joint mission of “identity for all”.